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Why travel to Armenia?

Armenia is a country of undiscovered treasures for all types of vacationers. Whether you’re a risk-seeking hiker or sophisticated connoisseur of ancient culture, here you’ll find something to indulge your aesthetic senses. From lush forests to majestic sun-capped peaks and the azure waters of the Lake Sevan, Armenian landscapes will never cease to surprise you with a diversity and pristine beauty on each stage of your trip. And, of course, famous Armenian hospitality will make you feel the warmth of the family hearth outside of your homeland. Visit Armenia with us and you’ll not just explore a new country – you will experience its heart and soul.

Why with Ayas Tour?

We take pride in our ability to ensure memorable adventure vacations that represent real value-for-money. Traversing the unbeaten paths of Armenia with our affordable guided tours – whether with friends, a sweetheart or solo – you will savor each minute of your trip and gather unforgettable memories for the rest of your life.
Adventure travel stretches beyond the traditional definition of a vacation. While hiking and trekking in Armenia and exploring new routes, you will expand your horizons and face new challenges that will take you out of your rut.
With our focus on adventure travel, however, our team will also guide you through the rich cultural and historical heritage of Armenia to make your trip more complete. And that’s not all. Ayas Tour also offers tailor-made travel packages and tours for people with special interests and preferences. All you need to do is to consult our professional staff and pick the best option for you.
Plan your unforgettable trip to Armenia with Ayas Tour and enjoy your fulfilling and affordable holiday in this alluring land!