The rivers and lakes of Armenian Highland

map armenian highland

Due to the high mountains, Armenian Highland is considered to be a big water source in Western Asia. The rivers Euphrates, Tigris, Araks, Kura, Jorokh, Halis, Gail and some others also originate from here and empties into Persian Gulf, Caspian, Black and Mediterranean Seas. The mother river for the Republic of Armenia is Araks (or Eraskh). It is originates from Byurakn (or Sermats) mountains. Having the streams of Akhuryan, Qasakh, Hrazdan, Azat and others, it joins the Kura and flows into the Caspian Sea. Ancient times the river Araks used to empty into the Caspian Sea with one big stream. River Araks with its streams irrigates Ararat Valley. River Araks is the only major river in Armenian Highland which fully flows through the territory of the Republic of Armenia. People simply call it Mother Araks.

lake sevan

Armenian Highland is famous for with three major and numerous small and medium-sized lakes. In the land located territory of Armenia, the major lakes usually called seas. One of the major lakes is the Lake Sevan which was known as Geghama Sea. It is one of the up-land lakes in the world and has fresh water. More than 29 rivers and watercourse empties into that fishy lake (trout, gegharkuni etc).  Only the river Hrazdan originates from the Lake Sevan. There use to be an island in the lake, after Sevan-Hrazdan cascade reconstruction, the level of the lake went down and the island became a peninsula. Another marvelous lake in Armenian Highland is Lake Van or Bznuniants Sea (nowadays is in Turkey) which is bigger from the Lake Sevan more than twice. Although the lake is salty the fish Tarekh grows, which was salted and has been exported to the neighboring countries in ancient times. From ancient times seafaring was developed and there were several ports on the seashores of the lake. The lake used to have seven islands but as the waters rose three of them went under the water. The biggest island of the Lake Van is Akhtamar. The name of the island means salty sea.

The biggest lake of the Armenian Highland is on the South-East part. In ancient times it was called Lake Kaputan, nowadays it is called Urmia Lake. The water of the lake is extremely salty, that is the reason why the lake is devoid of fauna and flora in part. Nowadays the Seven from major lakes is only in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The beauty of the lake is the Monastery of Sevanavank (4-9cc. AD), which attracts the visitors and tourist from all over the world.


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