Ancient Armenian holiday Trndez

Trndez had been celebrated  for ages on the 13th of Februrary. Pagan armenians used to celebrate it in the name of Tir – the god of science and scholars, and also in the name of Vahagn – god of Sun and warfare. Trndez symbolises the awakening of the nature. People used the fire to  struggle against the cold and freeze of winter-to tell it, that its time to go and cede the place to autumn.

Left aside the fact, that armenians were the first in the world to accept christianity, there were a lot of ancient custums and traditions enrooted from the pagan antique history, the most prominent was the so called Trndez

The most important component of Trndez is the bonfire, which is still actual nowadays. People are flying over the bonfire believing, that it will bring luck to them.”I will go and make virtue and my soul will go to the kingdom of heaven”,-thats how people saluted each other on the Trndez.

After the adoption of christianity The Church included Trndez in the christian calendar. Due to the christian tradition-Joseph and Mary brought 40-days old baby Jesus to the temple. A noble and righteous person named Simon seeing Jesus understood, that he will bring light and salvation to mankind and came before him. Thats how the word “Tearnendarach” came out meaning  “come before God.” The main idea of the custom is to come  before the Lord. The idea of bonfire, by the Church, is purification as Jesus once said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”( John 8:12)