Top 10 nightlife venues in Yerevan

Top 10 nightlife venues in Yerevan

From cozy wine houses to noisy pubs with live music and genteel jazz clubs – Yerevan nightlife scene is diverse and inviting. After a saturated historical and cultural sightseeing across Armenia, you’ll be delighted to have some fun and relaxation in the warm embrace of the Armenian capital. Whether you feel like indulging your taste in music over a cocktail, or dance away the night with locals, here are top 10 nightlife venues in Yerevan for you to consider .

  1. The Club.

 This venue incorporates a tea house, marketplace, cafe, a concert hall and gallery. If you want a more tranquil ambience, you can linger over aromatic tea and dessert on soft pouffes in the tea house area and savor live jazz and classical piano music coming from the restaurant. The Club also hosts legendary Midnight Concerts- performances of Armenian and guest musicians as well as film screenings, so make sure to check out the schedule online and visit The Club during your trip to Armenia.

Top 10 nightlife venues in Yerevan - The Club: tea house, marketplace, cafe, a concert hall and gallery

  1. Kami Music Club

If after all the trekking and hiking in the Armenian highlands you still feel energetic enough for partying, then put on your smart casual outfit and head for Kami Club. Glamorous atmosphere, minimalist design, rich assortment of drinks at the bar and music remixes from talented Armenian DJs- this is what the club stands out by. Just so you know, there is an entrance fee and face control in Kami.

 Kami Music Club

  1. In Vino

Feeling a bit philosophical and want to seek the truth in wine? In Vino is where you should take your steps to. It’s a wine shop and bar located in the heart of Yerevan downtown. Here you can taste more than 700 premium wines from the whole world, including delicious local wines (Armenia is famous for its almost 6500-year-old winemaking culture!) and purchase one as a souvenir right in the wine shop.

 In Vino - Wine Club and Merchant Wine Bar

  1. MEZZO Classic House Club

 Mezzo is really a “melting pot” for different music styles and genres. From classical pieces to ethno, this place will be appealing to live music connoisseurs who value comfort, sophisticated atmosphere and cuisine.

 MEZZO is an upscale complex club located in the heart of Yerevan. Our lovely and uniquely designed facility offers multi-sectioned zones to satisfy every style.

  1. Malkhas Jazz Club

 Each city has its peculiar melody. If you want to feel the music of Yerevan and listen to one of the most popular jazz pianists of the country, you should straightly go to Pushkin street, where Malkhas Jazz Club is located. The owner of the club and an indigene Yerevan resident, jazz virtuoso Levon Malkhasyan, plays usually after 11p.m., but his performance is really worth waiting for. But excellent music is not the only perk of the place. Unlike other similar venues, the club also boasts a diverse menu of meals and beverages.

 Malkhas Jazz Club

  1. AEON Anti-Café

 Just AMD1000 and you’re free to do whatever you desire in this alternative café. At the self-serviced bar area ,you can treat yourself to soft drinks and light snacks and can even bring your meals or order them from other restaurants, while savoring the events at AEON, which are really diverse: from tea sampling to film screenings and many more. Check out the schedule beforehand and hop in! You’re sure to like the friendly and light-hearted atmosphere of the place.

Here are 4 more venues for boozing and partying (in contrast to the above mentioned ones, these are budget solutions). One caveat: almost all the nightlife venues in Yerevan lack “no smokers” area (though they are mostly ventilated), so, wherever you go, expect some “smoke-dried fish” effect in the endJ

 AEON, Yerevan’s first ever anti-café,

  1. Bob’s Pub-Club (live music on week-ends and diverse cuisine), 8. Freak and Chic (popular especially among electronic/house music lovers), 9. Kandinsky’s Bar Restaurant (stands out by artistic atmosphere and design and live music sessions) and 10. Bourbon Street (one of the favorite Friday-night options of local youngsters, hosts various events and dancing contests).

Yerevan boasts many more nightlife venues, indeed. Already visited one of the mentioned venues or discovered a more exciting place in Yerevan? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below!

Author: Sirvard Amatuni

Images by: YerevanRestoaeon, Malkhas Jazz Club, Mezzo Classic House Club


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