Kardashians’ trip to Armenia: keep up with the celebrities


Despite all the buzz, rumors and even protests against Kim Kardashian visit to Armenia it did happen. Moreover, it was a huge PR success for the Kardashian and her posse and the country itself. Over a week, even the most conservative grandpas and grandmas kept up with the Kim and Kanye West hot couple with their 22-month-old daughter North West and Kim’s sister Chloe and, of course, crowds of teenage fans eager to take a selfie with the Armenian-American TV star and Grammy winning rapper.

Perhaps, you’re already curious about the itinerary of the stars in Armenia. What venues and attractions in Armenia did they see and capture in their selfies and photos? And still what will you see and taste in Kim’s and Chloe’s ancestral homeland besides the places the socialites hopped in within their tight schedule during their trip to Armenia.

  1. Kardashian-West couple stayed in the capital Yerevan’s finest hotel, Marriott Armenia, at the Republic Square which is marked by unique architecture and famous Signing Fountains which ”concert” starts every day after 21:00.


  1. Strolling in the city center, the guests headed for the city’s landmark ”Cascade” park (as the locals call it) and had a guided tour about Cafesjian Center for the Arts, one of the must-sees in the Armenian capital, especially for art connoisseurs.


  1. ‘This statue reminds visitors of the strong female figures in Armenian history. I love how powerful women are and respected so much in our culture!”, this is what Kim wrote on her Instagram photo in front of Mother Armenia statue. The Victory Park, home to the statue and an array of park amusements, also offers an enthralling panorama of the city.kardashians-with-mother-armenia-statue
  2. Sticking to the main goal of their visit, remembrance of the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the Kardashians ”crew” visited Tsitsernakaberd Memorial and laid flowers to the eternal flame, as well as Genocide Museum-Institute.

 kim kardashian at tsitsernakaberd

  1. The gem of Medieval Armenian architecture, Geghard Monastery, was next on the celebrities’ ‘must-go’ list in Armenia. They marveled the picturesque landscape, Armenian khachkars (cross-stones) and the majestic Monastery complex itself which is listed as UNESCOWorld Heritage Site.


  1. Traveling in Armenia, Kardashian sisters couldn’t miss the opportunity of seeing their father’s hometown, Gyumri, which is second largest city of Armenia. Affected by a major earthquake in 1988, however, this hospitable city still preserved its charm and unrivalled local color.

 Kim Kardashian holds daughter North in arms as she visits church in Gyumri

  1. And of course, the Kardashians adventures in Armenia ended in Kanye’s eccentric move – already epic jump to the Swan Lake in Yerevan city center during his surprise concert at midnight. The superstar’s splash in the water and midnight concert and the whole buzz around Kardashians may be the first stimulus for you to further explore Armenia. But it is not the only reason you should see visit this ancient country. Here are 7 more reasons why discovering this fascinating country is an excellent idea for your next vacation.


Follow our blog and learn new facts and stories about Armenia. If you’ve already visited the Yerkir Nairi (as locals sometimes call their motherland), feel free to share your impressions on the comment section below.

Author: Sirvard Amatuni

Images by: Photolure, Splash News, Reuters, Arsen Sargsyan


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