Paragliding and Mountain Climbing in Armenia

Paragliding and Mountain Climbing in Armenia

In one of our latest posts, we wrote about the most popular hiking trails you may want to explore in Armenia. Truly, Armenian landscapes are just created for adventure tourism, and if you want to spice up your trip to Armenia with something extreme to get yourself an adrenaline rush- then fetch your backpack and necessary equipment and set off for paragliding and mountain climbing in Armenia.


Paragliding in Armenia - Lake SevanLet’s admit: we all have a naughty Peter Pen-like creature within us itching to soar over the roofs of houses, mountains and oceans nonchalantly to shake away the monotonous routine of our daily lives in quest of the idealistic freedom. A familiar feeling, isn’t it? A good news is that you can experience this empowering and enlivening sensation while paragliding, and Armenia is a perfect place to jump into this adventure.

Normally, the paragliding season in Armenia opens in May and ends in November. The most popular paragliding sites are Mount Hatis, Tsovaghyugh village, Mount Armaghan, Vayots Mountains and a couple more. Whether you’re an experienced paraglider or just a bold adventure-seeker, you’ll find something to your taste. The 15-30 minutes of tandem paragliding (a flight with a professional paraglider) over the magnificent Armenian mountains or the azure waters of Sevan will be unforgettable memories for the rest of your lives.

Mountain climbing

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”, a famous Canadian author wrote. If you’re one of those courageous “self-challengers” by nature, indulge yourself with an incredible mountain-climbing experience in Armenia. ”The land of mountains and rocks”- this is how Armenia is often dubbed by the locals and foreigners. It offers a myriad of options for both professional mountain climbers and those with more modest physical abilities.


Want to reach the highest point of Armenia? Then grab your hiking/climbing arsenal and head for the with 4-peaked Mount Aragats, included in the list of World Country High Points. The highest, North Summit, is 4090 meters high! But the stunning bird’s eye-view opening from above is well worth the effort, indeed. In reality, the North Summit peak comprises 2 peaks – fake and real. The tourists aren’t advised to climb up the real one as it contains many hazards; the majority of mountain climbing tours including scrambling the fake peak of the North Summit.

However, if mesmerized by the beauty of the mountain you’re still no sure you’ll be able to scramble up so high, never mind: the lowest, South Summit, is an easy walk for one with an average physical training (3879 meters high). Climbing generally starts from Lake Kari, and is likely to take about 3.5 hours. Aragats is snow-capped almost all year round, which is why July-September are the best months for you to conquer its summits.

Conquering Aragats in winter can be dangerous and tough even for athletic people. So, Mount Ara and Mount Hatis are two “alternative” options for colder weather if you’re itching for mountain climbing during your trip to Armenia.

hiking in Armenia - descending from Ara mountMount Ara (2577m), named after famous Armenian king Ara the Beautiful, is another enticing mountain climbing destination for every traveler irrespective of age and physique. Standing tall and proud in-between the rivers of Kasakh and Hrazdan, the mount is easy to ascend from the village of Ara, near Yeghvard. Mount Hatis, 2528 meters high, is situated in the Geghama Mountain Range in Kotayk region. The access to this spectacular mount, once an active volcano, is from the village of Kaputan.

An average of 300 sunny days in a year, picturesque ice-capped mountains, ridges and hills with constant uplifting wind-  Armenia surely has all the prerequisites to become an unrivalled paragliding and mountain climbing hub in the region. If you’re already craving for your next adventure in the embrace of the Armenian mountains, you can take this guided hiking tour in Armenia or contact here.

What were your impressions from your paragliding for mountain climbing experience in Armenia? Share them on the comment section below!

Text: Sirvard Amatuni

Images: Armen Sargsyan, Edgar Marukyan, Ayas Tour


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