Free Wi-Fi locations in Yerevan: useful information

Free Wi Fi locations in Yerevan: useful information

Over the past few years, the internet has become one of the cheapest and most reliable means of communication. Now you don’t have to activate a pricey roaming service to talk to your family members in your home country: just a Wi-Fi connection in the hotel or cafes – and you can easily contact them on Skype, Viber or other communication platforms (for instance, Zangi, developed by Armenian programmers) in a few seconds.

If you’ve made up your mind to explore Armenia during your vacation and still don’t have a clue how to stay connected (unless you want a total internet detox), we have an excellent news for you: one of the most tourist-friendly features of Yerevan is free internet availability in the city center and adjacent areas. In this article, we’ve gathered precise information on what Armenian telecommunication operators provide free Wi-Fi access in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan (apart from your hotel lobby, for instance).

Transport and stops: If you like getting around a city by underground, you can make free use of the Wi-Fi in 9 Yerevan metro stations- Barekamutyun, Marshal Baghramyan, Yeritasardakan, Republic Square, Zoravar Andranik, Gortsaranayin, Shengavit, Garegin Nzhdeh and Charbakh. You can access free internet on some bus stops adjacent to the National Opera Theater territory.

Squares and avenues: Northern Avenue, Mashtots Avenue, Liberty Square, Garegin Nzhdeh Square, Sasuntsi David Square, Argentinean Grove.

Parks: Davtashen park near Petrosyan and Pirumyan crossroad, the English Park, Tumanyan Park, Lover’s Park (next to Marshal Baghramyan metro station), Park of Mergelyan Institute of Mathematical Machine, Yerevan Zoo.

Shopping centers and major cafes: Yerevan Mall, Dalma Garden Mall, Segafredo, Jazzve chain of cafes, Art Bridge Bookstore, Bureaucrat Bookstore, Cactus Mexican Restaurant, Marco Polo café, Café, The Club, Studio Café, Retro Café.

Libraries: Khnko Aper Children’s Library, National Library, Fundamental Library of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia Music Library, Central Library after Avetik Isahakyan.


Yerevan can truly compete with any modern world capital in terms of having free and quality internet connection in almost every corner in the downtown and outside of it. You can easily activate the Wi-Fi internet on your device in the areas mentioned above, browse any information you need or say “hello” to your family and friends.


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