15 beautiful reasons to fall in love with Armenia

Экскурсионный + пеший тур по Армении

A fervent hiker? An art connoisseur? An aesthete starved for mesmerizing landscapes? Or, perhaps, all of the above? We have an excellent news: there is an ”all-in-one” solution for you. Just grab your backpack and travel to Armenia! Skeptical about it?  Here are 15 unbelievably beautiful reasons why you will satisfy your diverse tastes and eventually fall in love with this alluring country.

1. Beholding the magnificent peaks of Biblical Mount Ararat, seen from almost every corner of Armenia, you get involuntarily struck with awe. 


Biblical mount Ararat from the airplane / ©Armen Gasparyan

2. Every time you see the “medieval beauty” of Armenia- Tatev Monastery– you can’t but marvel the power of the human genius blended with miracles of nature. Tatev-monastery-at-sunset

Tatev monastery at sunrise / ©Anton Petrus

3. Only in this landlocked country occupying only 40 thousand square kilometers (with Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic) can you explore around 7 types of staggering landscapes- from tranquil deserts, desert-in-Armenia

©Fred Boyadjian

4. lush woodlands 

Armenian forest, Dilijan

Dilijan forests / ©Raffi Eleyjian

5. up to enthralling alpine zones 


Mount Ararat and red flowers / ©Ayas Tour

6. and pristine lakes embraced by snow-capped mountains


Tsak Kar lake / ©Arthur Manucharian

7. By the way, the Lake Sevan, one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world, will offer you a unique aesthetic, swimming and even windsurfing experience. 


Lake Sevan at sunset / ©Ayas Tour

8. Armenia is an amazing land where ancient pagan temples co-exist with medieval and modern masterpieces.


Garni pagan tample / ©Dmitry Koreyba


Geghard monastery / ©Vardi Hayrapetyan


Yerevan Republic Square / ©Ayas Tour

9. A country of unrivalled gems of secular and sacred architecture. Noravank-monastery

Noravank monastery at evening / ©Alexey Kharitonov


Amberd fortress and Vahramashen monastery / ©Pavel Minaev

10. Where else in the world can you relish the symphony of stones?Symphony-of-Stones

Symphony of Stones / ©ararat studio

11. And a symphony of colors? Autumn-in-Parz-lake

Parz lake, autumn / ©Raffi Eleyjian

12. And luring tunes of fast-running rivers and staggering waterfalls? Lastiver-waterfall

Lastiver / ©Ayas Tour

13. Armenia is a less discovered paradise for history geeks! ughtasar-petroglyphs

4-7-thousand year old rock art / ©Ayas Tour

14. A perfect place to have a little fun during local festivities!Vardavar-Yerevan

Vardavar- local water festival / ©Narek Harutyunyan

15. And, finally, an excellent gourmet choice for indulging into authentic cuisine. What can compare to the beauty of a festive Armenian table abounding in delicious Armenian dishes?Armenia-festive-table

An Armenian table full of food

Indeed, there are a lot more weighty reasons why once in Armenia you will feel like discovering this emerging tourist destination over and over again. Truly,  one cannot convey all the charms of this ancient land within a single photoblog. Already tempted? Hurry up! Autumn is the most beautiful season in Armenia. Have already been here and fallen in love? Share your experiences and images of this country subscribing to our blog or just commenting below!

 Text: Sirvard Amatuni


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