Zip-lining, rock climbing and off-road driving in Armenia for extreme lovers

Zip-lining, rock climbing and off-road driving in Armenia

Feeling stuck in the rut? Relax, it happens to almost everyone once in a while. We all are often starved for a new wave of extreme emotions to feel alive. If you’re a risk-taker fond of extreme sports, you’ll need it almost painfully and almost daily. So, what stops you to take a vacation, quickly grab your backpack and travel to Armenia in search of breathtaking experiences?

Armenia is not only an emerging hiking destination and a great place to scramble up snow-capped mountains and paraglide. However, if you want something “cooler” and even more challenging, this amazing land offers you a few other extreme tours that will get you a real adrenaline rush. Ready? Let’s explore together.

Zip-lining in Armenia

Zip-lining in ArmeniaMan has for centuries dreamed of flying. We’re a lucky generation in this sense: planes, helicopters, paraplanes and parachutes- there is a lot on our plate to somehow fulfill this great dream and pamper our inner Peter Penn. Zip-lining has become one of the recent trends in adventure tourism, and you can first feel the enthralling freedom of soaring in Armenia!  Just imagine: lush greenness of Tavush region, picturesque mountains and you – zip-lining at 5 m/s, 200-300 m. above the ground! Don’t worry, you won’t need any special training for your first endeavor: the experienced instructors will train you how to “open your wings” and “fly” safely.

The “flights” are carried out by Yell Extreme Park.

Rock climbing in Armenia

Rock climbing in ArmeniaHave you ever heard the symphony of stones? Don’t be surprised, nothing seems to be impossible in Armenia. You can even see and, to spice up your aesthetical pleasure, to touch and ascend it! Sounds unrealistic? Just watch the videos taken at the ”Symphony of Stones” – famous rock-climbing site in Armenia and get infected with the desire to conquer it during your trip to Armenia.


A caveat: as everywhere else in the world, there are some areas, especially basalt columns, which are banned for climbing.

Off-road driving in Armenia

Off-road driving in ArmeniaThis extreme sport is for those who’re more keen on getting an adrenaline rush on the earth, rather than soaring high above it. Off-roading in Armenia is not for the faint-hearted, of course, as you’re going to drive up to almost impassable and untrodden mountain paths on tremendous gorges and steep twists and turns. Even imagining it leaves you goose-bumpy with excitement and healthy doze of fear. But, hey, – challenge and extreme emotions is what you’re seeking, aren’t you? Besides, during the drive, you’ll be rewarded with delightful aesthetical experience – picturesque landscapes, majestic mountains and mystic canyons, lush forests and pristine lakes.

Just screw up your courage and book an extreme tour in Armenia. Still no clues how? Just contact Ayas Tour, and we’ll organize your unforgettable zip-lining, rock climbing and off-road driving experience in Armenia!

An extreme lover? Share your experiences and impressions and on the comment section below.

 Text: Sirvard Amatuni

Images: Sam Bié, Ayas Tour


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