How to spend honeymoon in Armenia: 7 inspiring ideas

How to spend honeymoon in Armenia: 7 inspiring ideas

Honeymoon is perhaps the most anticipated part of any wedding. Now, when the whole ado around the ceremony is over, can relish some private moments just the two of you. However, if you want to fully immerse into romance you should take care of some unavoidable practical arrangements beforehand: decide on how you want to spend the time together, surf the web for attractive destinations and finally book the trip. While Paris, Venice and Maldives are the obvious “vanilla” (and luxury) choices for honeymooners, the world abounds with less discovered paradises for newlyweds at more affordable prices (the wedding ceremony has already cost you a lot, right?), and Armenia is one of them. We’ve got some honeymoon ideas that you can realize in this beautiful country:

Honeymoon in Armenia: Diving, swimming and sailing in Sevan

Diving, swimming and sailing in Sevan

The Lake Sevan is a perfect choice of those who want to have a mix of laid-back and active honeymoon. You’ll find “the blue-eyed beauty of Armenia” (as the lake is dubbed by locals) charming at all the moments throughout the day: besides mere gazing at the azure waters, idly sunbathing and meditating, you can also have a diving experience and explore the beauty of the lake from the boat (for a fixed charge) with your sweetheart.  If you’re an “extreme” couple, don’t  miss out windsurfing on the lake as well.

 Honeymoon in Armenia: Flying on the longest ropeway in Tatev

 Flying on the longest ropeway in Tatev

The first “flight” together can be breathtaking, indeed, especially if you’re on the longest aerial tramway in the world! Soaring over the mystic Vorotan Gorge, you’ll admire magnificent mountainous Armenian landscapes and learn facts about this spectacular area through the free audio guide. At the end of your journey, you’ll be rewarded with an enthralling view of the Tatev Monastery one of the masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture.

Honeymoon in Armenia: Wandering in Dilijan woodlands

Honeymoon in Dilijan woodlands

Located in northern Armenia, Dilijan town and its neighborhood is one of the fast growing tourism attractions in Armenia, mostly because of staggering landscape- lush forests, crystal clear mountain lakes and fresh air. Staying at one of the hotels inside the town, you’ll have an easy access to nearby cultural and historical attractions- Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank and others- find a serene romantic corner at the Lake Parz, in the Dilijan National Park.

Honeymoon in Armenia: Getting adrenaline rush hiking, paragliding and mountain-climbing

Hiking, paragliding and mountain-climbing in Armenia
Armenia has a lot to offer to the most adventuresome couples. The picturesque Armenian landscapes are perfect for hiking, paragliding, mountain climbing. Itching for something more extreme (even more than the marriage itself)? No worries. Book zip-lining, rock climbing and off-road driving tours and get an adrenaline rush together.

Honeymoon in Armenia: Exploring Yerevan nightlife

Exploring Yerevan nightlife

If you want more of an urban adventures spiced up with buzz and dances with your significant half, Yerevan, the Armenian ancient but at the same time modern-looking capital, will warmly welcome you and treat to all the tempting pleasures of the vibrant city. In one of our previous blogposts, we wrote about the top 10 nightlife venues in Yerevan. Check out the list and plan to visit at least one of them during your trip to Armenia.

Honeymoon in Armenia: Discovering cultural and historical gems

Cultural honeymoon in Armenia

It’s no mere chance that Armenia is first of all famous for being a cultural and historical destination. “Yerkir Nairi” (as the locals call Armenia) is rife with medieval churches, monasteries and khachkars (cross-stones) beautifully scattered across the country.  All you need to do to discover all those cultural and historical gems with your sweetheart is to book a 10 days tour and keep exploring the ancient land together.

Honeymoon in Armenia: Savoring delicacies of Armenian cuisine

Savoring delicacies of Armenian cuisine

No matter how you will choose to spend the honeymoon in Armenia- whether a nice relaxed rest at Sevan or crazy paragliding and rock-climbing adventure – you’re sure to pamper your taste with delicious local food over a glass of famous Armenian brandy or wine. Ask the chef of the restaurant for the recipe of the food (don’t shy away- Armenians are very hospitable and friendly to tourists) and make an Armenian dinner or supper for the two of you once you’re back home.

If you’re already enticed by the honeymoon ideas we mentioned above, contact us. We’ll happily organize your unforgettable honeymoon in Armenia!

Images: Andranik Keshishyan,, David Tadevosian, Ann Haritonenko, Maridav

Text: Sirvard Amatuni


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