How to spend fantastic winter in Armenia: 5 tips

How to spend fantastic winter in Armenia

“The jingle-bells” season with the associated festive buzz yet not-easily-endured frosts is not faraway, and a whole lot of fans of “cocktail-on-the-beach weather” crave for sleeping away the winter till very March. However, there is a single life-tested way how to survive and even thrive in the winter chill. Travel!

But don’t hurry up to book tickets to top-rated winter-escapes Florida or Hawaii, the monopolies of year-round warmth: coming back home and longing for sunny days, you’ll feel even more depressed.

A solution? Just change your winter scenery and travel to Armenia. Why? You can find a whole lot of winter fun in this ancient country. With above 300 sunny days throughout the year and famous local hospitality, Armenia will welcome you in its warm embrace and lead you to unforgettable winter adventures.

Ready? Let’s find out together what you particularly can enjoy in Armenia this (and every) winter.

Winter in Armenia: Winter sports in Tsakhkadzor

Winter-sports-in-TsakhkadzorWith mostly continental climate, Armenia has markedly hot dry summers and chilly and snowy winters which is yet another reason why Armenia is tourist-friendly in this season, too.  Tsaghkadzor winter resort, located 60km away from the Armenian capital Yerevan, has a lot to offer to active vacation fans. With vibrant atmosphere and small network of slopes, it’s especially well-suited for families and beginners. Feel like a bird’s-eye view of the winter fairy-tale? Then take a 2-way Tsakhkadzor cableway ticket, sit back and savor the snow-capped mountains from above! Affordable prices, developed hotel infrastructure and hospitality- what more is needed for an uninterrupted fun?

Winter in Armenia: Mountain climbing

Mountain-climbing-in-ArmeniaIn Armenia, you can enjoy almost year-round hiking and mountain climbing season. So, if you entertain the idea of challenging yourself on a summit of a mountain, consider lower peaks (up to 3000meters high) of Armenian mountains, for instance, Mount Ara and Mount Hatis.

Winter in Armenia: Zip-lining


Keen on more adrenaline rush? Soar high above the ground admiring majestic Armenian mountains. As we’ve already written in one of our recent posts, zip-lining in Armenia is the first in the region! And it’s open in winter months as well.

Winter in Armenia: Exploring cultural/historical gems

Tatev-monastery-at-winter Tatev, Noravank, Haghpat, Geghard– all the gems of the Armenian architecture are open to tourists in winter months, too. Why go there in winter? It’s low season meaning cheaper rates for accommodation and more solitude (a great option especially if you’re planning an unforgettable honeymoon in Armenia with your significant other).

Winter in Armenia: Relishing Armenian cuisine on New Year’s eve

Armenia-festive-tableNew Year is mostly ”a gastronomic” holiday in Armenia, and its celebration is part of national customs and traditions, indeed. Traditionally, people start getting ready for this holiday months earlier and then begin a unique ”competition” with each other. Whose festive table is more abundant and beautifully decorated? You’ll have the chance to taste and figure out. Every local strives for this special ”acknowledgement”, especially from tourists. Immerse into this fascinating national festivity and pamper your taste with most delicious Armenian dishes.

Already enticed to have a winter adventure in Armenia? Contact Ayas Tour and we will organize your enthralling winter vacation in one of the exciting tourism destinations in the world.

Text: Sirvard Amatuni

Images: Edgar Marukyan, Ayas Tour,


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