Top 10 must-dos in Armenia in 2016

Top 10 must-dos in Armenia in 2016


Despite being a relatively young tourism destination, Armenia is a country with myriads of traveler choices. In one of our earlier articles, we presented 7 weighty reasons why you should explore  Armenia  in 2015. Whether you’re a fervent hiker or passive rest lover, history geek or a gourmet, you’re sure to find anything to your taste in Armenia.

Below is a checklist of 10 must-do experiences you are sure to enjoy during your trip to Armenia in 2016.

  1. Spend a perfect weekend in the capital of Armenia, vibrant city of Yerevan boasting rich historical and cultural heritage.Yerevan-Republic-Square
  1. Relish an unforgettable honeymoon with your significant other in Armenian “velvet” autumn or mesmerizing pink-and-white spring.Diving, swimming and sailing in Sevan
  1. Get adrenaline rush zip-lining and paragliding in Armenia against the background of lush landscapes.Paragliding-in-Armenia---Lake-Sevan
  1. Savor tolma, harissa, spas, bread with zhengyal and other delicacies of Armenian cuisine in one of the lively eating venues.armenian dinner khorovats barbecue
  1. “Soar” above mystic Vorotan Gorge on the world’s longest ropeway to behold enthralling beauty of Tatev Monastery.Wings of Tatev aerial ropeway
  1. Bathe, dive or windsurf in the azure waters of the Lake Sevan, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.©Vigen Avanesyan
  1. Challenge yourself and ascend one of the summits of 4-peak Aragats, the highest point of Armenia.Aragats-mountain
  2. Explore gems of medieval Armenian architecture, some of which, by the way, are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Geghard-monastery2
  1. Indulge your wanderlust in lesser -discovered and mysterious sights in Armenia and Artsakh, the second Armenian state.Sevsar-Ancient-Astronomical-Observatory-Gegharkunik-Province-Armenia-attractions-in-armenia
  1. And finally, go back home with authentic Armenian souvenirs including carpets, brandy and handmade items.

Yerevan Vernissage

Armenia is a less-trodden yet an enticing tourist path. Already tempted to explore the country? Contact us and we’ll organize an unforgettable trip to Armenia.

Images: Ayas Tour, Andranik Keshishyan, Karen Tokhatyan, Ali Doosti, Vigen Avanesyan, Armen Sarkisyan

Text: Sirvard Amatuni


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