About us

Tourism in our country is quite popular and available for people with different age, gender, and ethnicity. Every year thousands of people are visiting our country from different countries and continents. They are attracted not only with picturesque nature, high mountains, deep canyons, blue lakes, swift and stormy rivers, alpine meadows and healing mineral springs but also with the desire to recognize and build new relationships with Armenian people.

“AyasTour” company is created to discover the hidden beauty of Armenia for nature and culture lovers and for adventure hunters, to develop intercultural communications and links between tourists and Armenian people. Additionally we are eager to promote responsible way of travel as we care about the people and places we see on our travels.

Considering the fact that the tourists’ pedantry is growing continuously not only in the sphere of comfort and the quality of services but also from the point of having more meaningful journey, our devoted team has initiated the project to present Armenia as a new travel destination in the foreign market by making new and alternative itineraries which include communication with local people, acquaintance with their lifestyles, national customs and traditions, local culture, discovering the biodiversity of flora and fauna in nature together with environment protection as well as observation of historic monuments and many more.

“AyasTour” offers different types of trips and travel packages in Armenia including Nagorno Karabakh and Caucasus Region. For more information about the types of tour we are organizing please click here.

Due to our enthusiastic team we are confident to introduce our country and company to you for the inspiration for your next holiday. Think of a program and we’ll do impossible to implement it. “AyasTour” is taking care of each product with great attention and will be happy to guide your way in Armenia.

  With Best Wishes

   “AyasTour” team