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Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander

The secrets of The Opera house

Not long times ago at the end of 19th century the territory of opera house considered to be the further north border of City of […]

hiking in armenia petroglyphs

Petroglyphs of Armenia

Petroglyphs (also called rock engravings, Greek: petros – stone and glyphe – carving) are pictogram and logogram images which are made on the walls of caves, ceilings and on the surfaces […]

map armenian highland

The rivers and lakes of Armenian Highland

Due to the high mountains, Armenian Highland is considered to be a big water source in Western Asia. The rivers Euphrates, Tigris, Araks, Kura, Jorokh, […]

armenian wine

Legend About Armenian Wine

Since ancient days Armenia was famous for the wine makers where original traditions were kept until this day. It is possible to learn about this […]

echmiatsin cathedral

Top places to visit in Armenia

There are many interesting and historical places in Armenia where is worth to visit. It is hardly possible to differentiate all of them as each […]