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Armenia is a landlocked country, without access to the sea in Asia, between the Black and Caspian Seas.Armenia is bordered on the north and east by Georgia and Azerbaijan and on the south and west by Iran and Turkey.


The territory of Armenia is 29.800 (11.490 sq.miles).


The relief is mainly mountainous, with mountain rivers and few forests, extinct volcanoes. Also deep canyons, high plateaus, formed from lava, crossed by deep ravines. Most of the country has 1800 meters altitude from sea level. To the southwest of the range is the Armenian Plateau, which slopes southwestward toward the Araks River on the Turkish border.  The plateau is masked by intermediate mountain ranges and extinct volcanoes.


The largest of these, Mount Aragats, 4.090 meters (13,418 ft) high, is also the highest point in Armenia. The Mount Ararat 5165 meters (16945 ft), which was historically part of Armenia, is the highest mountain in the region. Now located in Turkey, but clearly visible from Armenian side, it is regarded by the Armenians as a symbol of their land. Because of this, the mountain is present on the Armenian national emblem today.