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Armenia is a magical place for bird lovers and a rewarding birding destination.

The Republic of Armenia is a part of Caucasus Mountains and is situated between Black and Caspian seas providing Biogeography Bridge between Europe and Asia. Our country has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Worldwide, there are approximately 9,700 species of birds. You can meet extraordinary 349 bird species that have been reliably recorded from Armenia, with 245 proven to breed here and about 170 found in winter (including resident species). By comparison, the whole of Europe has 550 species and the entire landmass of the former Soviet Union has 750. The country lies on the main migration route between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Following a major flyway more than 180 species pass through Armenia on the way to and from their wintering grounds in the Middle East and even as far away as South Africa. With its diverse terrain and vegetation zones overlapping each other in such a compact area, Armenia attracts diverse bird species that do not normally inhabit the same terrain.

Thus it is possible to observe desert and forest birds, waterfowl, high plains and alpine species living in the same area (sometimes in the same square mile).

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