Food and Wine

Armenia is one of those unique countries in the world which provides a various type of delicious food.  For Armenian cuisine, however, as well as for other national cuisines of Transcaucasia, it is typical to select not only tasty, but also extremely healthy products, which in a combination with clean mountain air have glorified the Caucasus as the land of long-livers.


Wine tour to Armenia: Areni wine fest

Armenian people have kept their wine making traditions during many centuries. You may discover that traditions by booking one day tour to Areni wine festival. Armenia is the cradle of winemaking. The oldest wine making cave was found in Armenia. It has an age of 7000 years! One of the most famous festivals in Armenia […]

Food tour in Armenia: “Delicious taste” 6 days

Armenia has the rich culture heritage. The heritage includes buildings, art, and of course cuisine. During our food tour in Armenia you will know a lot of interesting things about dishes in Armenian cuisine, will participate in dishes making master- classes and will taste them. Also, you will visit central food market, where you may […]

Delicious taste: food tour in Armenia 6 days