Special Interest tours in Armenia

What is a Special Interest Tour?

A tour that combines elements designed to appeal to those with certain narrow interests. It will help you to discover the real essence of Armenia and Armenian people and will combine it with your special interest.

Throughout the year, AyasTour operates a variety of special-interest tours based around particular themes or lifestyle. We design unique itineraries which make it possible for people with special interests (Music, history, art, archaeology  conferences, meetings, celebrations, horse riding, fishing, photography, Armenian wine and Brandy etc.) to get the opportunity to fulfill their passion and combine it with an unforgettable tour to Armenia. These tours include superb accommodations and detailed planning, and many are accompanied by specialist experts in their field.

So, if you’ve dreamt of seeing the land spread between two seas, highland of west mountain valleys, vivid fields and emerald forests, ancient cities and holy sites and one of the world’s ancient lands are eager to learn new techniques for capturing iconic Armenian landmarks with a professional photographer, etc. here’s the place to start.

Birding (Bird watching) tour in Armenia

Photography tour in Armenia

Horseback Riding tour in Armenia

Fishing tour in Armenia

Archaeological  tour  in Armenia