Tailor-made tours in Armenia

Do you love travelling, but can’t stick to a prearranged itinerary? Look no further, you have finally found your perfect travel solution.

A tailor-made tour is the ideal travel solution for small groups of friends, families, local groups or clubs looking for traveling to a new destination such as Armenia and discovering new culture full of traditions, rich history and culinary heritage, known as an open air museum. AyasTour’s dedicated team is able to organize every aspect of your private tour, from your hotel accommodation to pre-booking delicious meals in local restaurants, offering local advice and organizing entrances to important places of interest. We can tailor the tour to your specific budget whether this is staying in hostels or five-star chateaux hotels – nothing is outside of our capabilities! If you are looking to attend a special event or organize something special and memorable for you and for your family or friends – we can take care of this and really make your holiday a personal and unforgettable experience. We offer an expert tailored travel service and can customize your small group tour to your exact requirements, meaning you can set the pace of your itinerary and just sit back and enjoy the views!

If you are looking for more than just an ordinary holiday, contact our professional staff who will design your personal travel experience.


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